Scattered Resolutions

2017 note to self:

Here’s to brighter days, bigger smiles, louder laughs. Let’s hope the cursed year ends, but just in case things are rocky in our future: be kind, listen, be uncomfortable, learn, and surround yourself with people who bring you happiness.

It’s a battlefield out there for all of us each day and we cannot know from our screens what each other is going through. Remember that we share our best and for the most part hide our “worst”. Be brave and be there for one another.

Create! This one is personal. Even if you know it will be terrible, do it anyway. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself. Even if you are terrible at finishing things, you finish zero things you never start.

Be open and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be lazy. I know it’s easier to curl up and just watch Gilmore Girls all day, but there’s a whole world out there to explore.

Be generous. I may not have much, but I will share it with you. The act of giving is fun! Volunteer and help out.

Explore. Everything. The town around you, oceans afar, and that space between your ears.

Return texts, like photos, and comment. When you can. Don’t let social media control your life, but pressing a button can make someone’s day.

Support each other. :]

Make friends with people you wouldn’t usually choose as friends, the elderly especially.

Make time for the friends and family you already have. Tomorrow is not guaranteed; make today count.

Use your words for good. Communicate even when upset.

Let it go. Forgive. Move on.

Don’t be mean.


Bring it on 2017.



Difficult Decisions

One of the hardest things I come across in life on a regular basis in making decisions. Not those “what do I order for dinner?” kind of decisions, but like big decisions. I made some pretty big ones in 2015, then 2016 it feels that every time a decision arose things got muddled. Now I’m sitting here again debating grad school or another teaching job abroad or more crm work. A big problem I’ve discovered is I have no idea what I want to do and that leads to me doing nothing at all then regretting it. If I would pick a thing then change my mind, at least I would have done something. Yet here I am lost at the fork in the road staring at the map with a bunch of information about what lies along each path from which to choose, but it’s just impossible to choose.

Fun fact, as part of my IEP in middle school decision making an entire semester. Back then I had the problem of saying “I don’t care” to everything in order to not sit there and not be able to decide, I’d lean on others to decide for me. Now I care too much ha!

The problem is I want to do all the things! and here I am doing none of the things! ah the frustrations.

Anyway, one of the things I wish I would have kept up with is blogging, so here I am trying (probably in vain) once again to get going. I have a lot of thoughts and have had so many over this past year, but I’ve missed the chance to write them out.

Here’s to 2017 being brighter than 2016. Be there for one another. I am going to try to work towards bettering myself, working toward a career, and adventuring a lot!