What You See Is Only Part Of The Picture

Online identities. What are they? I have several and they are all quite different. I don’t mean that in a fake profiles kind of way, but I act differently based on with social media platform I am using. I post certain things to certain platforms. I occasionally think about this when posting something and i catch myself “no this is more for twitter” or “this isn’t big enough for Facebook”. How I use each morphs over time based on trends (sarahah has changed the look of my Facebook dramatically for the moment), but for this post I will focus on Facebook due to a sarahah I recently received. It said you are life goals. And I was very confused. What about my life is that astounding and better than anyone else’s? Hint: nothing.

We sculpt our image online. On Facebook I usually only post the biggest news, the most exciting life events, the things that make me look the coolest. I post travel highlights and awe inspiring landscapes. I leave out the boring bits and the everyday lulls.  Everyone does and it’s normal. We’re all in subconscious competition to at least look like we are keeping up with our peers in life.
Here’s the thing though, it’s dangerous. I’ve found myself over thinking and comparing myself unfairly to others because of Facebook posts. It makes me feel small, like a failure who’s done nothing in life. That’s obviously not the truth; I’ve done so much! But I don’t think I’m the only one who experiences this, and I’m sure there are more drastic forms of this experience.
I’m not trying to but ungrateful, just honest. I have chosen an unconventional work path for my life and because of it I’ve had great opportunities to travel. And if you want to do it, it’s 1000% possible. If that’s your goal then go for it! Join the club! There’s some great people on this kind of path. But please don’t think that my life is always butterflies and rainbows. I’m just like everyone else. I leave dishes in the sink, if they make it there. I am forgetful. I get bored. I binge watch shows. I just happen to also do these things in places far from where I grew up.
I am honored that I am life goals for someone, but im not life goals for myself ha! I have so much to experience still! Should I make a post about how it’s possible to work and travel? I’ve mentioned it briefly, but honestly if anyone is ever interested with how I do anything in my life, please don’t feel scared to ask. I am constantly reaching out to others saying “how??” and getting inspiration and advice back.

Take it easy folks.
Best Wishes,

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