Take a chance, learn a new skill

Hello world! I have been using my other blog more often than I even think about this one. I went back to camp this year! Just having reread my camp post from last year, wow this year was WAYYY different. I still made intensely tight friendships, but there were many more frustrations with people. I still adored the job and the kids. Being back in the swing of the archaeology season makes me realize I think it’s time for me to make a choice. I keep switching back and forth with “careers” and I think I want to dive in and try to make teaching English a full time gig (at least for now until I change my mind again!). So I’m taking an online TEFL course now (not a fancy / expensive one, just one that will refresh what I’ve already learned on my own and teach me a bunch of new ideas). I want it in my back pocket in case I want to take an in person course or use it for online teaching. I don’t have any ideas for what I actually want to do for a long term job, but I have a lot of options and I think it’s exciting! Just wanted to update this blog as to where I’m at right now in concept (physically I’m in South Dakota; I haven’t stopped being mobile). I also had the thought recently of moving to the East Coast? I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t need something lined up first. There’s nothing stopping anyone from just going first then figuring it all out! But then again I could use that same line of thinking to move anywhere in the world! The possibilities are endless and exciting! Here’s hoping I figure something out because I only have about 2 months left at this job.